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12 Do’s and Don’ts of Global KAM Implementation

The following is a set of key findings and recommendations from Clarity Engagement Solutions in terms of “what works” and “what doesn’t work” when endeavoring on Global KAM implementation.


This will help create a globally consistent, (yet locally relevant) Key Account Management model.


So, what works and what doesn’t work for Global KAM Implementation?



  • 1. Commit to BOTH a globally consistent AND locally relevant model/Account Management approach.
  • 2.Make KAM/Specialty Rep role-clarity a core component of communication.
  • 3. Tailor a learning AND post-workshop coaching approach that is in line with the realistic resource and leadership capacity of each country/region.


  • 4. When tailoring content locally, go beyond the account archetype and regional health care issues to include stakeholder role profiles.
  • 5. Give KAMs and Specialty Reps (from a diverse set of locations) opportunities to interact with each other and share best practices.
  • 6. Provide advice, frameworks, tools, etc. to countries and regions so they might better prepare to support new commercial models as needed.


  • 1. Leave it up to countries/regions to experiment – especially given the urgency of adopting a new commercial model.
  • 2. Attempt to roll-out an Account Management Model without strong role clarification.
  • 3. Expect the post-workshop pull-through effort and effectiveness of smaller countries to match that of larger ones. A mix of pull-through strategies is often better.
  • 4. Assume a medical or pharmacy director in Germany should be approached the same way as one in Korea.
  • 5. Fail to provide ample time to allow those best practices that ARE common across boundaries to be leveraged.
  • 6. Commit learning & development resources in cases where a country/region is not yet ready to leverage a new commercial model.


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