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eyeforpharma – Marketing & Customer Innovation Europe

October 16 & 17, 2018 – London

Combine digital and human platforms to build meaningful relationships in the digital era

Pharma has so much potential – if it’s able to communicate. And communication is just the first step – education, partnership and trust are the real objectives. Get those right – and channels will open up, meanwhile you’ll have an army of new allies.

Digital innovation is considered vital – but you also need to design your customer experience to ensure you go beyond conventional marketing. Create the right culture and your workforce will find the skills they need to really make a difference.


Join the most forward-thinking meeting of leading marketers in Europe and learn to:

  • REDEFINE HCP RELATIONSHIPSDevelop a deeper educational partnership with your customers and transform engagement
  • EMBRACE TECH. BE THE FUTURECreate a digital-first design and take the faster route to efficiency and innovation
  • BE THE ANSWER TO YOUR PATIENT’S QUESTIONSListen and observe: new insights mean new value, long term, for the people who matter most – let payers know the value of your product by becoming the solution

At this year’s event, discover the practicalities of implementing innovation from the leaders pioneering change – flaws and all. Learn the benefits and limitations of technology and innovation to make implementation as streamlined as possible.

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