Driving Global Strategic Customer Engagement

With all of the changes we’ve seen over the past year, one thing is for sure – sales teams have been reduced and redefined worldwide. Being forced to do more with less, many organizations realize that they need to shift from a tactical selling to a global strategic account management approach (SAM).

  • The Challenges Facing Global Teams

    Unfortunately, many SAM implementations fail and are abandoned. Making such a shift is not an easy task, particularly when factoring in multiple market implementations and local nuances such as different regions, account segments and customer-facing teams. Whilst there is no simple answer to such a complex problem, with more than 12 years of experience working with cross-border implementations, Clarity are ideally positioned to help. Getting this right requires a deep understanding of global strategy combined with the skills and network to roll this out at a local level. This includes local language experts, local facilitation and adaptive methods of learning.

  • The key to global strategic key account management

    1. Insights and Intelligence - Support your teams in gaining unique external and internal insights to support the co-creation of solutions together with healthcare stakeholders 2. Skills and Capabilities - Upgrade the skills and capabilities of your customer facing teams to remain relevant to healthcare stakeholders 3. Planning and Execution - Implementing a common language, approach and tools to drive pull-through and visibility for leadership

What are the 4 Zones™ of Customer Engagement?

Our 4 Zones™ of Customer Engagement training has helped companies align best practices into their business worldwide. Let us help you mean more to your customer today!

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