Strategic Account Management in the Medical Device Industry

It's time to rise above commoditization and take the value conversation to another level with MedTech decision makers.

  • The "Tug-of-War" with Medical Device decision makers

    Creating competitively differentiated solution value for both clinical and administrative decision makers means aligning with competing sets of interest. Bridging this gap is essential for MedTech manufacturers and their account teams. But what is the best way to accomplish this?

  • The Patient Journey Value-Chain in MedTech

    The buying community for medical device products is moving further away from making decisions in a vacuum and more often considering the total patient journey value chain. This represents new opportunities for account teams to understand the context of how products fit into the long-term value continuum in concert with other parts of the patient journey solution. (Data, services, support, education, etc.)

  • The Clinical vs Business Skill Set

    The heavy clinical background and skill set MedTech account managers brought to customer interactions was working well for a long time. What happened? The global recession, rising cost of healthcare goods and services and intensified focus on outcomes and pricing transparency have all played a role in shifting decision making patterns over to the "business side" of the account.

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