4S™ Conversational Clarity

A conversation and performance coaching framework that brings out the best in people and clarifies their purpose.

  • The forgotten role of the manager

    In all that big highfalutin strategic wisdom, businesses have forgotten the glue that holds it all together: the role of the manager. We create the alignment and clarity to move the needle on both fronts. Development where it matters and focus on the conversations that drive results: the performance line.​

  • The coaching Loch Ness Monster

    Having already moved toward a world of instant gratification, toward less human interaction, and this is compounded by a generation of employees who want autonomy to choose their own path without the benefit of the apprenticeship, mentorship and coaching that enables the autonomy they seek. Clarity brings back successful conversations through best-in-class learning experiences, reinforcement and measurement​

  • Dialogue vs Digital - Retrieving the lost art of the conversation

    In the push to leverage big data, create automation, and build dashboards that display real-time data on what is happening in the field, the human element – the relationship and the conversation are being left behind. Digital cannot replace dialogue. We embed long-term, sustainable habits that enable managers to consistently engage their team members in the conversations that matter​.

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