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Hospital and System reps

Clarity Engagement Solutions designs and delivers “next generation” account selling for institutional hospital and health system reps.





The Challenge

A top 15 Pharma company anticipated the changes in the healthcare landscape and customer environments that were making it increasingly more difficult for their Hospital and Health System Reps to gain access to, and align with, a wider range of mid-to-senior level account stakeholders.


The Business Need

The company needed to provide a more professional approach, a more professional structure and more professional selling model for its some 330 specialty hospital and health system reps, long-term-care reps and VA reps to follow. The current, more tactical selling approach needed to be preserved within the context of a longer-term account strategy mindset. Access to more senior level decision makers, the ability to start a conversation with the newest types of stakeholders, to achieve tighter internal team collaboration and the conversion of product-only messages into conversations and solutions that resonate more strongly with their customers, were all part of the requirements and objectives.


Solution and Outcome

After an extensive period of due diligence, interviews, and preparation, Clarity Engagement Solutions created and delivered a customized, blended training solution that was tailored to the specific sales channels while giving the entire organization a consistent and repeatable system with common sets of terminology and best practices. The workshop experience helped inform and shape internal strategies and resources for supporting the field sales teams and the 4 Zones™ of Account Selling is now integrated into the company’s field coaching reports and performance plans for their hospital and health system reps.

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