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What is 4S™ Conversational Clarity?

Company success is based on how efficient conversations between team leaders and members are. Clarity proposed a form of performance coaching to maximise the potential of these conversations, which can provide a tangible tool for managers to support their team members in achieving their organisational goals. In addition, 4S™ Conversational Clarity will help you understand, create, and maintain alignment within your team, which will create not just internal alignment, but also will create a Cross-Functional Matrix team as a result.

For example, when the manager set clear performance goals & aligned with their team members on those goals, 72% of millennials were said to be more engaged or actively engaged in their work. That means an opportunity to boost engagement by as much as 40%!

Clarity’s mission is to aid you in bringing back successful conversations to corporate organisations worldwide by tapping into the most important aspects, and goals within your organisation & make the most of them. Read on to learn how we can help you.

Goals To Drive Company Success

Alignment on outcome goals will lead to focused conversations where managers can help their team members define & commit to the action goals that will drive better results faster. What are these goals?

1. Organisational Goal, or the direction of your company. This will include strategic objectives and how the team plays a role in helping these objectives come to life.

2. Goals of Divisions/departments/teams. These goals support the attainment of each corporate objective, supporting the overall health of your company.

3. Individual Outcomes goals: Or, as we would say, the goals you’re married to. These would include most of your performance management measures and results. These goals will serve as department goals and, ultimately, as the organisation’s goals. They will push you towards the results you should be held accountable for, keeping in mind that they won’t often be 100% within your control.

4. Individual action goals: These are the specific action tasks you will set yourself and lead to the results from the bottom-up of the pipeline. They can be self-initiated, self-maintained, or assigned, but they will be 100% in your control.

Goals To Drive Company Success

4SConversational Clarity is a process for team members and managers to bring back great conversations. Great conversations should be created together. Supporting that happens is our mission.

To set the context for your team discussions going forward, use our printable worksheet template It will help direct your conversation to establish the following elements:

1. Situation: or where your performance is presently at? To ensure you are identifying the problem areas correctly, the following ideas may be helpful as guidance:

    • •  Where are you currently when it comes to your goals? Identify the behaviours and results they are demonstrating how the goal has progressed so far.
    • •  Identify additional behaviours that need to be demonstrated to achieve the goal and establish what they are specifically
    • •  Help your team understand why situational awareness is important
  1. 2. Success: You need to establish two elements concerning what success looks like: WHAT success means to your company/division/team specifically, and WHY it is essential to develop the goals that will help achieve that success? Once the baseline is established, it will be easier to relate how your team’s behaviour affects the results your team is mainly responsible for. It will also help make sure those results are tangible and measurable for future improvement purposes.

  1. 3. Source: or diagnosis of your relevant goals will help you understand what skillset will be needed to best leverage and assign the right person for the right tasks. This directed team member selection process will also ensure the best collaboration and impact on your company. To boost your performance further, you can also use our Cross-Functional Matrix team toolset, which you can avail of in PDF format.
  1. 4. (Brainstorm) Solutions: Given your goal and all the discussion leading up to this point, it is time to consider what solutions your goals should serve. This will help determine what needs to happen to accomplish the goals you set, what actions need to be taken, and give you a priority deadline when creating your action plan.

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