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What is 4 Zones™ Customer Engagement?

The 4 Zones™ of Customer Engagement is a practical, coachable, and repeatable framework training delivered by Clarity that combines the setting of everyday language and industry-leading best practices. It is a tailored approach that has already been rolled out to commercial Life Sciences and Medical Devices organisations in over 30 countries worldwide. It encompasses the best practices from both within a company and across the industry, which will help organise your company to raise everyone’s ability for more effective solution for customer engagement. It also allows companies to transition from tactical selling to strategic account management, giving a scalable, professional B2B account approach while enabling companies to continue driving short-term revenue goals. Additionally, account managers gain the common language they need to work in a matrix team and the framework they require to develop teams and the organisation with a mutual engagement process to get behind.

4 ZonesTM of Customer Engagement imagery

As part of getting account teams to the next level of B2B customer relationships, the 4 Zones™ experience will establish an account management mindset and framework of best practices that enable teams to get into alignment faster with customer stakeholders and coordinate more effectively with other customer-facing staff.

Users of the 4 Zones™ will be able to approach complex healthcare environments with more confidence and purpose by using the 4 Zones™ processes to understand at a deeper level what’s going on in their customer’s environment and how to shape meaningful conversations around business issues and patient-centric priorities while creating an optimal environment for brand performance.

Our 4 Zones training will help improve your company in the following areas:

  •     ♦  It will help develop a consistent account approach across the organisation
  •     ♦  It allows a tailored approach for each Business Unit & Account type
  •     ♦  It will aid companies in implementing the ‘slow down to go faster’ theme & flow, resulting in better due diligence for better solution alignment
  •     ♦  It will aid the mapping out of all internal processes to better field execution
  •     ♦  Identifies the optimal moments for matrix teamwork
  •     ♦  Aligns with SAMA (Strategic Account Management Association) competencies
Zone 1 image
Zone 1

Zone 1 aims to understand account & patient needs on a deeper level. To do so, it is focused on the following areas:

  1.     1.  Account-level analysis
  2.     2.  Account & opportunity prioritisation
  3.     3.  Stakeholder profiling
  4.     4.  Access strategy & impact statement

The key outcomes include defining an opportunity hypothesis, developing an IMPACT statement, and defining how to access decision-makers.

Zone 2 image
Zone 2

Zone 2 directs attention to having conversations that help uncover privileged insights & ideal outcomes within a company. The modules that are covered in this zone are:

  1.     1.   Pre-meeting planning
  2.     2.  Discovery
  3.     3.  Validation
  4.     4.  Visioning

The key outcomes are determining the best business impact, identifying the ideal outcomes for your company, and identifying what criteria would be necessary for decision-makers to consider.

Zone 3 image
Zone 3

Zone 3 helps companies align on competitively differentialized solutions, and it covers a further four areas:

  1.     1.  Internal Debriefing
  2.     2.  Solutions Design & Development
  3.     3.  Solution Presentation
  4.     4.  Mutual Commitment

The key outcomes of the above modules will be the finalisation of internally tested solutions, the confirmation of a FIT plan with the decision-makers, and commitment to agreed resources that will support the internal operations.

Zone 4 image
Zone 4

This last Zone of our training is all about how to deliver impact & execute optimally against mutual goals & objectives for the best possible results for your company. This Zone covers the following areas:

  1.     1.   Work Plan Development
  2.     2.  Execution & Monitoring
  3.     3.  Communication
  4.     4.  Cultivate New Opportunities

The key outcomes will be how to best pull through with the product plans, how best to coordinate the account teams and learn how the new values adopted during the training process can be communicated most successfully internally and out.

How will You benefit From The 4Zones™ Training?

One of the biggest benefits of account teams participating in 4 Zones™ training is that they will find coordination with other account team members far easier and more effective because of the consistent structure, workflow and terminology sitting behind the 4 Zones™ of Customer Engagement. The additional matrix team coordination tools that come with the 4 Zones™ will make implementing a more repeatable way to coordinate across teams and groups possible.

DID We Pique Your Interest?

If you would like to learn about receiving a 4 Zones training from Clarity, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email at amandhare@clarityes.com or schedule a meeting today!

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