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The Health Care Ecosystem Impact

What impact does the health care ecosystem have in the midst of these hard times?

Like everything else in health care these days, the approach pharmaceutical account management teams must take in more thoroughly, is understanding customer and patient needs.

The problem lies in having too much of a single focus when calling on any one of these segments. Account managers tasked with negotiating a large contract with a national payer in the US for example may not see the need to research what’s going on in that payer environment beyond their financials and the members they serve. But the blurring of lines between that payer and the integrated delivery networks, hospital systems and specialty pharmacies in the same geography, not to mention the non-payer influence on drug spend and risk, suggests otherwise.

Those calling on the government health authorities of a major western European country might assume their main challenge is demonstrating credibility through the presentation of clinical trial data. But when a competitor strikes a partnership with that same government body to create a center of excellence for a particular therapeutic area, they’re quickly outmatched.

The job of account managers then must include broadening their perspective to the larger “ecosystem” of healthcare entities and alliances surrounding the target account they’re focused on.

Whenever the older, more traditional single account-type approach doesn’t seem to work, it might be because of the direct or indirect influence one type of entity (policy maker, payer or provider), is having on another.


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