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Strategic customer engagement. A must have plan

Have you found that your 2021 strategies for engaging with your customers aren’t working as expected?

You’re not alone.

In 2020 most pharmaceutical companies had to shift strategies to reach their customers via multi-channel, digital platforms, with hope that by 2021, everything would be back to normal. But the reality is, 2021 is far from that.

In fact, we’ve seen a NEW NORMAL appear and not go away.

Companies have had to change habits to engage with customers as have healthcare stakeholders.

The shift to digital marketing and sales has levelled the playing field among companies and their competitors as restrictions on access have continued and everyone is utilizing the same channels and processes. While there has been some recovery with access, the continued use of digital channels had prevented “cutting through the noise” or your competition and prevented the opportunity to develop trust and engagement.

The question is: do your plans reflect the need to be more strategic with multichannel, digital engagements? Or are they more tactical and reflective of old processes?


Effective customer engagement strategies

We’ve worked with companies that have managed this strategic shift to gain access and mean more to their customers – even during this difficult time.

Clarity helped them with the “how” to truly engage with healthcare stakeholders and they left the competition in their wake.



In fact, one of our clients managed to increase their strategic digital engagements to healthcare stakeholders by +350% in just one month, even during the pandemic.

One MONTH! That’s what happens when you apply a strategic customer engagement framework.

Achieving results like this requires a three-step approach. We covered the first 2 steps in our previous blogs. If you haven’t read them, you will find links to them below.


1. Understand what options you have 

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Strategic engagement. Get a plan ready


2. Get everyone on the bus

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3. Get a plan ready for getting access to customers in 2021 that really works 

We are covering this step in this blog.


But before you do anything else, make sure everyone is on the bus!

If you’ re committed and want the best customer engagement strategy for 2021, Clarity will help you:


1. Upgrade the skills and capabilities of your customer facing teams to remain relevant to healthcare stakeholders

2. Support your teams in gaining privileged insights that support the co-creation of solutions together with healthcare stakeholders

3. Implement an effective virtual way of working


Sounds like a lot? No worries, we have you covered. In fact, this is what we do, all the time.


How to improve customer engagement from within.

But there’s more.

Once you understand WHAT needs to change, you have to design and implement a plan THAT WORKS.

A plan that will deliver results in the form of increased customer engagement, and eventually, increased impact.


This plan contains FOUR critical elements:

1. How to secure leadership support

2. How to integrate new capabilities into sales operations

3. How to execute and measure impact

4. How to embed and develop a new culture


Need help getting a new strategic plan in place? We have you covered. Talk to one of the Clarity team members and we will help you make the shift from tactical interactions with your customers to strategic customer engagements and more.

Still not sure?

Learn a little more about how we helped onboard a customer engagement strategy for one of our clients in this new case study.

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