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How To Approach Digital Customer Engagement Strategies In 2022?

At Clarity Engagement Solutions, we are here to help Life Sciences companies to engage and build transformative partnerships with healthcare organisations in accordance with their market access questionsAs a continuation of our new Customer Insight Series, we dive into how you can approach digital customer engagement strategies in 2022 to meet your strategic imperatives successfully. 

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What Does 'Going Digital’ mean?

There has been plenty of improvement in the marketing world over the last two years, which meant bringing together the different elements and aspects of traditional marketing into a digitalised era. 

However, people are frustrated by the overuse of the word ‘digital’. Why is that?

Many would have been advised by ‘experts’ to invest their spending on digital channels without looking at updating their existing content or even understanding the ecosystem they now inhabit.

So, what does ‘going digital’ actually mean’? 

‘Going digital’ can mean a myriad of things, such as setting and measuring KPIs, finding where your audience is present online so you can direct your organic and paid ad efforts towards finding them. It also means having a social media presence, email and content marketing, and enhancing your content with strategic keywords; just to name a few. 

Yet the underlying need of why digital marketing is needed, and why is so important to implement and focus on has not changed. 

Communication Is Key

Communication is key, and its power is in the understanding of what needs to be communicated; not in the making of assumptions.

An excellent example of when this can fail is NASA’s Mars Climate Orbiter mission of 1999. The vessel, after an epic 10-month journey to the red planet, was about to make its descent into Mars’ atmosphere. Instead of a successful landing, however, and to the shock of the onlookers, it blew up into pieces. 

An investigation revealed a simple oversight; an assumption that wasn’t verified before continuing, and that led to this catastrophic conclusion. Two different measuring units were used. When this comes to payloads, it can be very devastating. 

While it seems like an off-topic example, it has a lesson on what happens when communication fails and the resulting problems that occurred in this example point toward the following simple truth:

When assumptions are made, communication fails.

And, communication will direct us towards the needs that have to be addressed for seamless results. This is applicable for the Life Sciences as well as life in general.

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Bypass Assumptions – Find the Customer Intent and Needs

When it comes to assumptions of needs, it is hard to determine the right message that will reach your customers the right way. Even if the detrimental results will not be as dramatical as the above example. 

You should always prioritise what your customers need when it comes to digital strategising. And that means finding your customers search intent.

So to reach them, you will need to know where to find your customers and what is the most appealing message that will capture their attention short and long run. Additionally, knowing your timing is critical as well. 


What will you need to do?

Your research should consist of the understanding of specific wants and needs of your customers. This will drive you to find the right channels to broadcast on, targeting the right demographics and psychographics. Use Google Analytics, or other analytics platforms to learn of their needs and search intent e.g., affinity and in-market segments. 

And, to build digital customer engagement, you need to build the right engagement strategy that will bring together the digital and non-digital (traditional) customer engagement at the same time. This will also require approachability and consistency, which will then provide customer engagement that is personalised and specific to your target audience and their needs. All this together with continuously improving and monitoring based on your results, in turn, will build trust and brand awareness. As a result, you will mean that much more to your customers.

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