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Get everyone on the bus with strategic customer engagement

Most of us don’t like change or are resistant to it. Just thinking about change causes us stress!

We prefer to maintain things as they are vs the unknown of the future caused by change.

We might deceive ourselves and say we embrace change, but in reality, it’s a much different story.

If 2020 has shown us anything, it is that change is inevitable whether we like it, are prepared for it or not.

Luckily, nature also provided us with another mental bias that balances out and even precedes our love for status quo. It is called the Prospect Theory.

Here’s how it works: Research has shown that we humans really, and we mean REALLY hate to lose. We hate losing so much we are even prepared to take risks to avoid it.

For example, abandoning the status quo for the unknown future.

This discovery won the Nobel Prize.

The need to change accelerated by 2020 has impacted pharmaceutical companies with how they interact and engage with healthcare stakeholders. They have experienced new challenges that began in 2020 and continue this year such as:

  • – The need to move engagements and product messaging quickly to omni-channel digital platforms.
  • Finding the move to digital excellence isn’t easy as expected.
  • Continued access issues.

Despite all these challenges, many companies have not shifted their tactical approach to a strategic one with their customers. A lot have simply taken existing tactics and pushed them to omni-channel digital marketing and sales, hoping for different results but not seeing what they expected.

We know a lot of companies are still resistant to change despite the need to change.



1. Understand what options you have 

We discussed this step in our previous blog.

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Get-everyone-on-the-bus-with-strategic-customer engagement


2. Get everyone on the bus

We will cover this step in detail in this blog.



3. Get a plan ready for getting access to customers in 2021 that really works 

We will discuss in detail about this step in our next blog.


The first step towards strategic customer engagement is to ensure everyone is aligned with the need for change!

You’ll need to define the compelling reason WHY your colleagues have to abandon the present and move into the future. Clarity begins with an audits of current performance and assesses the strengths and weaknesses of an organization. This can be challenging and make people uncomfortable at times. However, if you’re serious about getting everyone aligned for change, it is a must. The more your company embraces change, the more of a positive impact they will see.

We help our clients to make improvements from challenges such as:


– Decline in sales/ loss of market share?

– Negative call frequency statistics?

– Diminishing number of collaborative projects with key accounts?

We utilize the results of the audit to create a scenario for your colleagues to understand what you are seeing based on realistic facts. The risks in not addressing the findings will help your organization realize that the status quo is no longer sustainable. However, simply identifying the potential risks from from the audit is not enough to convince everyone that change is needed. The identified risks need to be paired with a solution of how the issues can be addressed.

For example, for your field facing teams to increase call frequency and engage key stakeholders in conversations, the only thing required is to learn new skills and competencies that are aligned to a new tactical approach using digital engagement.

At Clarity we know what we do works. We have seen the success of its implementation over and over again.


350% Increase in Access to Healthcare Stakeholders

Together with one of our clients we achieved a +350% increase in access to health care stakeholders in just one month in the midst of a pandemic.

In ONE month!

How we helped this client achieve these fantastic results began with getting everyone aligned with strategic customer engagement by securing support with senior leadership and the entire organization.

If you would like some more insight into how we achieved this with our client please download our new case study for free by simply clicking the button below:

And if you liked this article, we know you’re going to love the final part of this topic: “Get a plan ready for getting access to customers in 2021 that really works.”

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