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Effective ways to increase access to healthcare stakeholders by 350%

Pharma companies and healthcare ecosystems are now slowly emerging from a corona lock down of astronomic proportions. Around the world, Systems, hospitals and primary care centers are no longer accepting calls from pharma field teams.

In response to this challenge, many brand teams chose to amp up their digital efforts.
Unfortunately, this translated into pushing the same branded content messages via email not only to physicians, but a broad range of healthcare stakeholders.

And if there’s one thing these stakeholder don’t like, it’s emails with branded content trying to sell them stuff.

They go straight to the bin. Just imagine what their inboxes looks like with all pharma companies pushing out emails…

Not surprisingly, many commercial leaders are now realizing that the current digital strategy isn’t working and certainly not future-proofed.

With this in mind: If 2020 is a lost year, repeating the same strategy for 2021 doesn’t look like the key to success.

This of course causes frustration and stress for many pharma executives.
So, if this is what you are experiencing, you’re not alone.


If you want to avoid frustration and pivot successfully in 2021 there are three things you have to do:

1. Understand what options you have 

We will cover this step in detail in this blog.


2. Get everyone on the bus 

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3. Get a plan ready for getting access to customers in 2021 that really works

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In this article we will cover no. 1. Understanding what options you have) in depth and will cover the other two sections in subsequent articles.


Option #1: You continue pushing content to your customers using email just like everyone else and then hope for a miracle to happen that’s going to impact sales. Or, Option #2: you can equip your organization with new capabilities: How to engage customers and have meaningful and valuable conversations despite the pandemic.


A client wisely decided to go for the second option during the virus chaos and they were handsomely rewarded with a +350% increase in access to healthcare stakeholders, both virtually and physically in just 1 month.
350% Increase in Access to Healthcare Stakeholders

Now, we know everyone is usually skeptical to such fantastic numbers.

And that’s normal but there are some secrets behind this turnaround, which the company used in order to achieve these results.


Secret no. 1

The management team got the entire organization on the bus and behind the need for a new approach.

This is true for whatever change you’re trying to implement in any situation or organization. If people don’t understand why and where we are going, you’re setting yourself and the organization up for failure.

Secret no. 2

The organization surrendered to an obvious fact: Our customers don’t care about us and our products; especially not during a pandemic.

We get it, you work for a fantastic company and your products are amazing, transforming patient lives daily. But the difficult truth we all must embrace is that no one is really focused on us or our products at a time like this.

And THAT is your golden opportunity! An opportunity to be someone that also cares about them.

The organization got the message.

For many it was actually a relief because this was something they had suspected but never talked about.

Secret no. 3

The entire customer facing organization went through training to adopt a structured, unified approach towards gaining deeper customer insights BEFORE attempting to engage.

We supplied them with the tools they needed to REALLY understand their customers and their patients. This led to the creation of a new internal process everyone had to go through BEFORE meeting with a customer.


This process looks like:

This, seemingly, small change was the reason behind the dramatic change in call frequency.

In fact, the team that went through this process achieved a +350% increase in access to healthcare stakeholders versus a control group (a team that continued using the same old tactics.


But before they were able to do all this, they first had to have a plan.

A plan for getting access to and re-engage with healthcare professionals of all flavours.

So, if you don’t want 2021 go down the drain it’s high time to get that plan ready.

Doing more of the things that’s not working won’t cut it.


Start with downloading a summary of the case I just presented by clicking on the button below.


And if you liked this article, we know you’re going to love our next piece that’s coming soon on this topic: “How to get everyone on the bus.”


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