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Effective Account Planning – 3 Emerging Trends

Below are: 3 Emerging Trends in Effective Account Planning



Account planning is becoming a team sport. The days of the lone individual are over when it comes to planning strategy and tactics for a large, major account. There’s far too much at stake to take any chances. When many people from your company interact with customer stakeholders in uncoordinated ways, that’s exactly what happens.


The stakeholder landscape is expanding. When conducting up-front research on the account’s environment, there are two additional things to be aware of. 1 – there are new types of stakeholders and decision makers popping up in reaction to industry changes and pressures. In the pharmaceutical space, “Chief Patient Officers” are being recruited to make decisions affecting the patient population. 2 – Effective account planning needs to include due diligence. You need to investigate who is influencing customer behaviour from three perspectives. Those external to the account, those in the c-suite and those from your own company.



Just-in-time learning triggered by the account planning process. When is the best time to identify and address a gap in skills or capabilities essential to account success? It is not six months from now during the next training workshop. It is at the point of establishing an account plan or when scheduling the next major task that training will have the most benefit. With short-duration “brain snacks” and other bite-size digital content now available on any device, more companies are starting to integrate these just-in-time training interventions into their CRM systems and account planning tools.

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