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Introducing CX1™ – Our Salesforce Strategic Customer Engagement Solution

Clarity is proud to introduce Clarity CX1™, tailored first for Pharma and now other vertical markets. It directly supports our 4 Zones™ of Customer Engagement technology and is the 1st Industry Cloud Solution software on Salesforce Lightning to focus exclusively on Strategic Customer Engagement for organizations and field teams calling on key accounts. This solution will help optimise sales performance in your company and will help you mean more to your customers.

As global commercial organizations continue to accelerate the shift from tactical selling to strategic customer engagement and partnership value, they need supporting business processes, tools and technology that can keep up with them. That’s where Clarity CX1™ comes in. Tailored by vertical industry and 100% native to Salesforce Lightning, CX1™ makes it easy for sales and account teams to map stakeholder relationships, identify the sources of decision-making influence and manage a larger number of better-qualifed opportunities as a result.

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CX1 Predictable Performance Explanation

Sales productivity tools have been around a long time. CX1™ is different. Tailored for specific vertical industries, it enables commercial organizations to understand their customers at a deeper level so they can mean more to them.


  • •  Provides a consistent, repeatable process for strategic account management tailored to the life sciences, med-tech and financial industries.
  • •  Calculates the win probability of each opportunity
  • •  Automates the prioritization of multiple opportunities
  • •  Increases visibility for strategy and resource planning around key accounts


  • • Multiple types of stakeholders, decision-makers and influencers
  • • Growing complexity & increased competition
  • • Longer sales cycles
  • • The need for greater collaboration with others internally


Clarity CX1™ solves the issue of lack of account planning & automation and storage. And it does it using flexible planning templates that can be tailored for each business unit and team.

Clarity CX1 explanation graphic

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