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Cross functional collaboration within account teams in Pharma

What do pharma teams need to understand in order to move in the direction of streamlined cross functional collaboration?

The need for multiple account-facing and home office individuals in pharma to come together with one unified customer engagement approach has grown more acute than ever. Customers increasingly expect it as a key differentiator when deciding which manufacturers to align with. And providing competitively differentiated solutions becomes an onerous task in the absence of a cross functional collaborative approach. An approach that maintains collaboration irrespective of channel or means of engagement ( e.g. multichannel or digital) and stays focused on consistent goals and developing solutions with great impact for both company and customer.

Collaboration AND Impact.

There are those in any organization who clearly stand out as the “go-to” person with the knowledge, resources and network to have a measurable IMPACT on your customer-facing efforts. But if they have little interest and motivation to COLLABORATE with you, they’re not likely to engage.

Of course, there are often others who are more than willing to COLLABORATE but lack the ability to have much IMPACT.

The answer then, lies in the ability to identify those individuals with the potential to have both the willingness to COLLABORATE …..AND….. the ability to have an IMPACT. Clear communication of a common goal, building credibility, establishing a reputation for well-structured engagement and following through, all contribute towards transitioning cross functional team members into the right engagement state.


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