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Cross functional collaboration within account teams in Pharma

What do life science companies‘ teams need to understand in order to move in the direction of streamlined cross-functional collaboration? In today’s world, to be an impactful team, it has to function as a collective, sharing insights and uniting to find the most innovative solutions that are goal-driven and have the best result for the success of your company. The Clarity Insight team is here to provide you with one of our best tools to aid you in your quest to success.

Can't see the forest for the trees?

Your team is a complex network of individuals, encompassing all the elements that you may need for the success of your company. But do you utilise their individual skillsets where they are needed?

A team is much like a forest: in cooperation and in constant communication amongst themselves to ensure that they survive as a single organism. So, to understand where your team members fit, start asking the following questions:

  • • Do your account teams stand as “single trees” or cooperate as a “forest”?
  • • Do team members innately harness the power of the collective?
  • • Is there a culture of intentional hubs and networks below the surface of customer engagement to enable sharing of account, stakeholder, and marketplace information?

What is a Matrix-team?

The answers lie in the ability to identify the relevant individuals with the potential to have both the willingness to collaborate and the ability to have an impact. This will require communication of a common goal, building credibility over time, and establishing a reputation that will aid a well-structured engagement and following through. These tactics together will all contribute towards transitioning to a cross-functional team that has the right engagement across the board.

Click play on the video below to get a brief overview of what a cross-functional team is and how they can effect the teams’ collaboration and impact:

Matrix team Booklet Image
Read on about our Cross-Functional Matrix team tool today!

If you’d like to learn more, our booklet contains some helpful tool that will make you start thinking about your team’s impact and collaboration the right way.

Help your team members to align better starting now!

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