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Account Management Training for Medical Affairs

Why train Medical Science Liaisons in account management?

MSL’s don’t need to understand the account management process, right?



The time has come for medical affairs teams to embrace an account management mindset for increased relevancy and effectiveness while still maintaining appropriate firewalls with the commercial sales forces…


Medical Science Liaisons have long been recognized for their deep technical, scientific knowledge.

Why then, would an MSL team need account management training?

MSL’s role in the account management process has become increasingly vital over recent years.
The emergence of big data and a rise in requests for HEOR data has increased the demand for MSL’s to meet with KOLs.
Often MSL’s arrive into the account at a critical moment without any knowledge of what has happened in the account prior to their entry, what conversations have gone on or what the organization’s next step is, wasting time or resources.


Introducing The 4 Zones™ of Customer Engagement – Account Management Training for Medical Affairs:

The 4 Zones™ of Customer Engagement helps MSL’s develop sense of account management and understand the context and timing of conversations with KOLs, while maintaining a firewall between MSLs and commercial sales teams.


Using a combination of live workshops, e-learning and coaching:

  • – Develops MSL’s understanding of the fundamentals of account management.
  • – Enhances MSL’s sense of timing and context of customer conversations.
  • – Improves conversational fluency with KOLs and clinicians.
  • – More effective coordination with matrix team members.


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